pátek 12. června 2015

OPEN STUDIOS/pojď do ateliéru/

12/6/2k15 od 14.00 do 22.00 + after a 13/6/2k15 od 10.00 do 18.00
♥ event tu ♥
Dnes a zítra probíhaj dny otevřených dvěří brněnských ateliérů. Jsou rozdělený do čtyř stanovišť, Areál VUT Kraví hora - Rybkova 23; SOLO Offspace - Kornerova 9; Hybešova 313/71 a Areál Zbrojovka - Lazaretní 1/7.Fotky jsou z Kraví hory, kde mají ateliér třeba Petr Kvíčala, Natalife Perkof, Václav Kočí, Leona Velebková nebo Milan Houser, můžete si tam dát pivo, skočit do bazénku a když budete hodný, udělaj vám i kafe)) ♥


pondělí 1. června 2015


//this article will be in EN, because I am too lazy to switch codes, sorries

Berlin Gallery Week is one of those events which are supercool and dreadful at the same time (take that with a pinch of salt, kay). it is very exciting to have almost 50 galleries open for exploring but it is just as much frustrating when you realize you probably won't be able to see 2/3 of them (unless you are a planner master). the good thing is that even the little you manage is very much worth seeing.

here are some of my personal highlights and some photos. there is no particular order to it, just like when you browse the streets and drop in to see random galleries.

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané/ Spiral Forest (Kingdom of All the Animals and All the Beasts Is My Name) @ Esther Schipper
this exhibition was a lot about the notion of space, the organic and the geometric. the center point in otherwise nearly empty room was a hanging headset of Oculus Rift which immersed the spectator in a digital rainforest. this experience was pretty awesome. i believe OR technology offers an immersion in virtual space which is at the moment closest to a complete immersion and real life experience. also the contrast of the organic and the digital was very unsettling. i could probably walk in this virtual rainforest for hours just looking up and down, rethinking what these culturally given directions actually mean (I read a lot of Merleau-Ponty lately, heh).

Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff/ Schöneberger Uffer 00 @ Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi
"Photographs taken at apartment viewings in Berlin, London and Zurich."
I don't have an easy relationship with photography but these got me, somehow. it was their raw nature and roughness and grain. black and white empty flats, coarse walls and worn down carpets. the familliarity of the impersonal. opened windows to let the street in.

Isa Genzken/ El Salvador @ Galerie Buchholz
first I fell in love with the exhibition area, then I fell in love with the exhibition.
aerodynamic and smooth, El Salvador lying on the floor like something living, just having a rest.
silver and gold foils.
and balcony.

#1 Mangrané, #2 Genzken, #3 Henkel & Pitegoff

Isa Genzken// Gold Und Silber

Isa Genzken

Maya Hayuk// Chemical Trails @ Circle Culture

see-through and layers 

A.R. Penck// Wallensteins Ermordung @ Grisebach

Matias Faldbakken// Untitled (Plastic Bag #3) @ Grisebach

Bernar Venet// Position of an Undetermined Line @ Grisebach

these were my fave fave faves

Navid Nuur// Umweltstress @ Max Hetzler

Navid Nuur// Untitled @ Max Hetzler

Navid Nuur// Tentacle Thought @ Max Hetzler
- uv